STUDIO EBN received the Klarna Growth Awards: Sustainability

Studio EBN has received the Klarna Growth Awards in the Sustainability category, and received the award in Stockholm the 17th of November.

 The jury's reasoning: Sustainable fashion with fish leather. By using waste products from salmon farming since 2013, the entrepreneur behind Studio EBN has developed high-end fashion products such as bags, accessories, interior items etc. Salmon skin is, among other things, 9 times stronger than traditional leather. With sustainable tanning of the salmon skin, this is truly a sustainable innovation that stands out in a traditional industry.



In strong competition with over 451 online stores, Studio EBN won the award for Sustainability. 

– Winning this award means a unique chance to further develop Studio EBN to the next level by having the opportunity to become more visible on the market. I am very humbled and happy for this opportunity. One of my partners Andreas Nordvik in Seria nominated Studio EBN, and it was a big surprise when I received an email and phone call that we had won in our category in Norway. I am very excited about what we can achieve by having the opportunity to work together with Klarna's team and with their forward-looking digital solutions. 

We have exciting projects underway - and are hugely looking forward to 2023.