We are Studio EBN

Look different, look north. Discover the highs and lows of light. The fresh air, breathtaking nature, naked wind. The northern surroundings inspire us every day. STUDIO EBN uses the intersection between great nature and nordic timelessness as a mantra to deliver long-lasting products with purpose.

The fashion industry has been a part of the devastating environmental changes – however on the off chance that there is something we can do about it, it has to happen now. If not now, there is a chance that it will be too late for future generations.

The chance is therefore to change now. As there are multiple issues concerning our industry and our environment, where everything should be green – but not everything is – our mantra is to work towards sustainability to find the utmost environmentally friendly solution.

We are convinced that to deliver meaningful products we need to start by making small adjustments wherever we can within our society.  These changes can be done by your or me – together we can start by making a small change.  

STUDIO EBN pushes and approaches our commitment to sustainability using innovation. By utilizing fish skin from fish farming – a valuable material that would otherwise have been thrown away. This way we contribute to a circular economy. 

The studio collaborates with suppliers that use sustainable sourcing and production processes without harmful effects on our health or the environment.

Nordic Salmon leather is at the heart of all creations by STUDIO EBN, honoring the heritage of this artisanal craft and the studio’s Arctic location.

Salmon leather is characterized by its beautiful, refined texture with a soft finish and has been valued since ancient times for its durability and strength. A by-product of the food industry that would otherwise not be used, salmon leather is sourced from the Nordic region and produced by making use of renewable energy.

Other sustainable materials we focus on are linen and recycled leather. We are currently working with organic reindeer skin and have already switched to recycled cardboard for our packaging.

Being green is something beyond purchasing eco. We promise to push this industry towards environmental and innovative solutions.

We have inspired others to think in the same direction and our initiative is seen and noticed. We have previously been interviewed by researchers, students, and other entrepreneurs for the work we do.

The innovation in the use of salmon skins in our industry is just one example of what we do to be greener. Exploiting leftover fish skin and repurpose it into the heart of all our creations. 

The arctic invokes our responsibility to continue respecting, producing, and sourcing out the fundamental elements from natural sources. We work for purpose-driven design for others to look further ahead, to continue the process of change within the industry. We believe that both you and our planet deserve nothing less.