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EBN Stud Earrings Silver

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Studio EBN stud earrings made from suede salmon leather and stainless steel plated platinum.

15 mm diameter
Color: Nude Metallic

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Salmon leather is durable and it’s easy to care for. Your bag will last longer with good care. Firstly use a soft cloth to clean the surface, then use a soft rubber brush in the direction of the scales to remove any excess dirt. To make it more resistant to dirt and moisture you can use a neutral spray for suede leathers, apply this before first use and after cleaning the leather.

Bear in mind, light colors demand more care than darker colors as clothes with dark colors (such as black jeans) can stain the suede leather.

The leather can handle light rain, but never expose it to rain too much as wet leather will get dry and brittle. Leather bags are susceptible to absorbing grease or oils, if this happens you can apply corn starch and leave it overnight, before dusting it off with a brush. Any cleaning methods used for suede leather can also be used on these products. In some cases, a clean rubber can remove small spots.

Cowhide leather should be conditioned regularly to keep it soft and avoid it getting dry and cracked. You can also use a mild cleanser twice a year before conditioning.


Earring Maintenance

Wipe down the earrings with a damp microfiber cloth after every use to remove smudges and surface soil. Avoid getting moist on the salmon leather. A more thorough cleaning should be done after exposure to chlorine, alcohol, acids, and sulfur compounds that cause the base metals to tarnish.
To remove body oils and soil, use a damp microfiber or jewelry cloth to wipe down the jewelry after each wearing. Allow to air-dry before storing.
If the jewelry has visible soil or feels sticky, it should be cleaned with a warm, soapy solution. Mix one cup of warm water and two to three drops of dishwashing liquid and dampen the cloth.
When the piece is clean, wipe down the jewelry with warm water. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth and buff gently to return the shine. Always keep the water and moisture away from the salmon leather. Read more about how to maintain the salmon leather under Leather Care.

Tips to Keep Plated Jewelry Clean Longer

It's also a good idea to take preventative measures to help reduce wear and damage along the way. Keep your hands free of lotions, make-up, and soil before handling the earring pieces, and do not apply make-up, perfume, or hairspray while wearing the jewelry. You should also store the earrings separately in small boxes to prevent damage.

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