The studio collaborates with suppliers that use sustainable sourcing and production processes without harmful effects on our health or the environment.

Nordic Salmon leather is at the heart of all creations by STUDIO EBN, honoring the heritage of this artisanal craft and the studio’s Arctic location.

Salmon leather is characterized by its beautiful, refined texture with a smooth finish and has been valued since ancient times for its durability and strength. A by-product of the food industry that would otherwise not be used, salmon leather is sourced from the Nordic region and produced by making use of renewable energy.

The salmon skin is up to nine times stronger than other types of skins due to its plywood (cross-fiber) structure. It is resistant and behaves just like leather. Who would know! The surface texture is suede to the highest degree, which makes the fabric soft with a prominent structure. 

The skin also has a vital influence on how our products will look. We consider the small size and thinness of the skin. The craftsmanship from raw material to finished product is time-consuming. As a result, our products are exclusive, handcrafted bags and accessories in sustainable Nordic salmon leather – as we work to leave the absolute smallest footprint behind us.